Biography – RavenWynd

RavenWynd lives in West Virginia with her three cats and one dog, works as a social worker in her mundane life, and is constantly pursuing her dream of owning a metaphysical shop.
From a young age, those around RavenWynd realized something was different, she would know about things before they happened and predict how events were going to unfold. She knew when the phone was going to ring, when people were coming to visit before they arrived, and even when someone was going to have a string of bad luck. It wasn’t until she found tarot that she was able to hone her ability. She started off reading for herself and close friends, then slowly her friends would ask if she would read for one of their friends. RavenWynd then started to read at festivals and events and slowly built up a client base of regulars.
RavenWynd began her studies into the occult when she was in high school. She always felt that there was something different about her and she didn’t find the mainstream religious beliefs of those around her comforting. Through the years RavenWynd would study many different paths/traditions. Still, things didn’t seem quite right; her way of viewing the universe and magic was different but there wasn’t much in the way of information available that aligned with her own way of thinking/believing.
It wasn’t until she began to view the universe and everything in it as pure energy that her belief system really came into being. By knowing and understanding that everything is connected by the energy of the universe and that everything in our lives, including ourselves, is made up of this ‘shared’ energy she was able to begin to manipulate that energy to her own purposes. Now the fact that energy is everything and everything is energy isn’t new to the occult, in fact that is the basis for most earth based spirituality. What separated her previous beliefs from her current beliefs is the belief that there is not a divinity. Wicca and other forms of paganism often have a male and female divine entity for which they pray and worship. RavenWynd does not believe that there are gods and goddess watching us from on high, whether they be Christian, Celtic, Egyptian, etc. To her, that universal energy is what cultures and civilizations have been worshiping. It was more than they could understand and comprehend at the time so they did the only thing they could, they humanized it. To quote RavenWynd, “The Christians like to say that God created man in his image, I say that we created the Gods in our own image.” Today through science we can prove that everything in the universe is energy.    
RavenWynd applies the Law of Attraction to manifest what she wants in her life. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on: negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. With this belief, we can see how thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on the negative you will attract a negative reality (negative energy). If you focus on positive thoughts you will attract a positive reality (positive energy).
Certifications and Qualifications:
Registered and ordained minister of pagan faith
Intuitive empath
Born natural psychic
Master Tarot Reader